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ProDescs ® also offers our estimating services to the insurance community.    Whether you are a manager, adjuster or carrier looking for the option to outsource estimate writing or estimate review when demand is increased, we can help.  If you represent an insurance company who is looking for claim preparation by way of XactNet for assignments for roofing claims or other claims, we can help.  When the site inspection or coverage issues have been completed and determined, ProDescs ® can assist with claim preparation demands.   Similar to the services that we offer to contractors, when we are provided scope notes, sketch and a few photos, we can produce and get an Xactimate estimate in place for your review.  Please review our Tools page for our estimating and site scoping technique.   ProDescs ® does not offer site inspection services.  However, we do offer digital photo file analysis for sites that have been inspected.   If you are looking for consistent, dependable, professional estimating services, . . ProDescs ® is here for your estimating demands.   Please note that we use Xactimate* exclusively and do not offer services for other estimating software providers at this time.

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Insurance Representatives and Companies

Claim Loss Estimates

ProDescs ® is able to provide insurance representatives and insurance companies assistance with the increased demand storm events bring. Policyholders can be referred directly to ProDescs ® or an assignment can be sent through XactNetIf necessary, when can also analyze your digital photo files.  Learning to scope and write site inspection notes for someone else to interpret can a specific loss estimate when provided with enough information about the damage to the property.  Because the staff at ProDescs ® are professional damage assessors and estimators, ProDescs ® can provide estimates that comply with the estimating guidelines of a particular carrier because we have written estimates for a variety of insurance companies including several of the major carriers.  


Roofing Estimates

With the availibility of remote aerial roof measurement, roof diagrams are now available for roofing estimating, without ever climbing on a roof.  ProDescs ® can assist with the demand of claims with major storm events.  When hail storms damage thousands of homes in a matter of hours, the demand puts increased pressure on insurance companies to provide policyholders with claim estimates.  ProDescs ® is available when you need us.  We are able to accept assignments through XactNet® and can provide exceptional service to carriers in need from increased demand.  ProDescs ® services can be a cost effective solution for your company estimating requirement.  

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Independent 3rd Party Review

ProDescs ® is unable to offer this service at this time.

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Service Limitations

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