General Information

Here is general information regarding the types of damage that occur to residences and buildings.  Please click here for Frequently Asked Questions. There are sample estimates available for each type of claim. (Samples are currently unavailable. Our Webstore is under construction. Samples will be available when our Webstore is completed.)

Types of claims

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Water Damage

Property damage from water is one of the most common types of insurance losses.  Interior plumbing supply lines to sinks, toilets, refrigerators, washing machines are common sources of water leaks.   A residential water claim can range from under $1,000.00 to over $100,000 for structural damages not including damage to personal belongings, furniture and other contents.  Here are a few water damage scenarios and sample estimates.

Wind Damage

Severe wind events are a significant source of property damage to homes and buildings.  The most severe of these being tornadoes and hurricanes.  Severe thunderstorms can also cause damage to homes from roofing damage to structural damage from trees toppling into homes.  Here are a few wind damage scenarios and sample estimates.

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Hail & Storm Damage

Severe damage can be caused by larger hail stones.  These types of storms have caused incredible damage to homes, buildings and vehicles in a relatively short period of time.  It is not out of the ordinary for a large hail storm to affect thousands of homes in a matter of hours.  Roofing materials, siding, doors and windows can all be damaged from large hail.  Here are a few hail damage scenarios and sample estimates.

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Fire Damage

Fires are some of the most devastating losses to go through.  From the various causes of fires from cigarettes, matches, cooking, chemicals and lightning, fires can be challenging to handle.  The odor from smoke and fire damage can be eradicated by professional restoration contractors.  However, there are many in the industry who make claims for removing odor but fall short of actually accomplishing the task.  Smoke and fire odor can be removed and dealt with when the proper scope of work is established.  The scope of work determines how effective the outcome will be of odor removal.  Beware of those who want to use 'thermal foggers' or 'ozone' to eradicate smoke odor.  These products have specialized and limited use and are rarely effective for removing smoke and fire odor from buildings.  Here are a few fire damage scenarios and sample estimates.

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Vehicle Impact Damage

Many people know of someone or has heard of someone 'hitting the gas instead of the brake' or 'starting out in forward instead of reverse'.  The damage caused by vehicles to homes and buildings can range from minor cosmetic damage to major structural damage.  Please note that ProDescs ® does not provide estimates for damage to vehicles.   Here are a few vehicle damage scenarios (damage to buildings) and sample estimates.

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Flood Damage

The difference between water damage and flood damage from an insurance claim perspective is that flood damage is caused by water that is from an exterior source such as a river, runoff or the storm surge of a hurricane.    These types of claims are rarely, if ever, covered under a typical homeowners policy.  A distinguishing characteristic that many fail to address when repairing a flood damaged home or building is that the water from a flood is considered Category 3 water or 'Black Water'.  This is the same water category that defines a sewer back up.  The same issues that are addressed in a sewer back up should be addressed in flood damaged homes.  Here is a flood damage scenario and sample estimate.

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Vandalism & Burglary Damage

Property owners and managers of rental properties are typically more cautious when it comes to filing damage claims.  Rental policies may have limited coverage and can carry high deductibles.  In many cases, vandalism accompanies burglaries.  Burglary claims for residential policy holders usually have limited structural damage like damage to a door or window.  The claim is primarily for the personnel belongings that have stolen.   However, there are burglaries to residential properties that include vandalism to the property.  Here are a few vandalism and burglary damage scenarios and sample estimates.

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Pest and Odor Damage

Skunk odor is as every bit as challenging as fire and smoke odor.  The scope of work to remove pest odors can be similar to smoke odor.  Pest damage can also be considered a biohazard if the pests have waste deposits in the area.  Some pest fecal matter contains highly infectious diseases such as Hanta virus and can have devastating health effects.  Here are a few pest and odor damage scenarios and sample estimates.

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