Contractor and Vendor Services

Put the ProDescs ® Advantage to work for you. We are proficient with Xactimate ®* in both Sketch and line item entry.  We aim to alleviate estimating demands when you are just simply stretched beyond your current capabilities.  Daily, weekly or monthly, ProDescs ® is here to help.  Whether you are familiar with insurance claim restoration or not, our services for contractors can be specifically designed to fit your company whether it is an immediate demand or if you are looking for consistent, dependable, professional estimating services for the long term, . . 
ProDescs ® is here for your estimating demands.

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Claim Loss Estimates

From personal experience, we know that when storms hit, there becomes an increased demand for restoration contractors to get out, scope losses and produce estimates, especially if you are under contract as direct repair providers for insurance companies.  And then, maybe you are just a busy shop.  ProDescs ® is able to provide contractors assistance with the increased demand storm events bring. Because we have scoped losses ourselves, we can adapt to and interpret your scope notes and sketch, . . . usually. We know that you think that anyone can read your chicken scratch . . . but we know better . . . don't we boss. :)  The key to success with using ProDescs ® as an outsource for estimating is directly related to the development of the relationship between the estimator who has completed the site inspection, scope and sketch and the ProDescs ® professional.  As the relationship and communication system is developed, the quicker we get.  We are extremely proficient with Xactimate ® and produce estimates at asample professional level.  We have also done enough estimating to be able to adapt to a companies personal style.  If necessary, we can also analyze your digital photo files if you do not have a scope sheet written.  Learning to scope and write site inspection notes for someone else to interpret can be challenging.  We can provide an Estimating Scope Sheet that has been designed by a restoration professional and may provide assistance in effecient site scope notes.  Because the staff at ProDescs ® are professional damage assessors and estimators, ProDescs ® can provide an estimate that can be submitted for claim purposes because we are experts at what we do.  ProDescs ® has set up our fee schedule to be incredibly reasonable compared to hiring another estimator.  For each estimate, there is an adminstrative fee. After that, it is all about time.  We bill at an hourly rate and at 10 minute increments. It is important to note that ProDescs ® does not submit estimates to insurance companies on behalf of contractors or policyholders.  As the contractor, you are responsible for submitting any claim information.  To contact ProDescs ®, click here.

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Overhead Reduction

ProDescs ® can help with your companies growth by minimizing overhead costs and can help to increase your companies bottom line.  With ProDescs ®, as opposed to hiring a new or additional estimator, you have a professional insurance restoration estimator at your disposal at any time.  With ProDescs ®, you 'hire' an estimator as the need arises.  Training is expensive.  Experienced estimators are expensive.  Instead of another employee and all of the associated costs that go with an additional employee, . . , workers comp, vehicle expenses, benefits, etc., ProDescs ® is available when you need us, without all of the associated costs that come with a new employee.   Fees and rates are dependent on volumn and are negotiable with premium contractors.  We know that restoration companies come in all sorts of sizes and methods to get the job done.  ProDescs ® services can be a cost effective solution for your companies estimating requirements:  

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How It Works

When contacting ProDescs ®, please include in the comment box the following:

We will need this additional information prior to setting an appointment for a phone interview.  Interviews are set up only with company owners and/or senior adminstrative staff/decision makers.  We know that you have questions about the service and our initial conversation can help with answering those questions.  Here is how it typically works with our contractor clients: 

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Service Limitations

Currently under development

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* Xactimate ® is a registered trademark product offered by Xactware Solutions, Inc.