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We would like extend our thanks to you for visiting our website.  It is our sincere hope that you will find that the services that we provide are what you need and become a client and no longer a visitor.  ProDescs ® can assist you with property damage insurance claim estimating.

From the Owner and President of ProDescs LLC:

When it comes to property damage, most home and property owners just want it back the way that it was before the disaster.  It is understandable.  Property losses can be incredibly unnerving and add to life's day to day challenges by disrupting the 'normal' flow of a days plans.  I have heard it on many occasions, "I just want it fixed!!".  Losses vary in degree from a minor water loss to a complete and total loss of a home or building.  It is the sincere desire of ProDescs ® to assist in the 'getting it fixed' process.  From the time a claim is made, there are many people and groups that become involved in the 'fix'.   For the 'fix' to start, the damage needs to be assessed and then an estimate needs to be produced in order to establish a starting point, an amount for repairs.  In many cases, coverage issues have already been identified and determined.   ProDescs ® is committed to be a part of your solution.  I have personally inspected 100's if not a thousand losses and in turn, established a scope of work and then written and estimated everything from skunks in the house to grandpa driving his new convertible through the garage.  There have been the major commercial fire losses to the heartbreaking fire losses of the homeowner who didn't have enough insurance coverage to handle the damage.   Establishing an amount for repairs is a critical step in the claim process and ProDescs ® is committed to applying our years of experience in the production of that estimate.  Because of our experience, we are able to take the information that is provided to us and can expertly provide a written scope of repairs and an amount for repairs without ever setting foot on the property itself.  In my experience, the initial estimate is rarely the final cost of a claim but is absolutely necessary in moving a claim forward toward the 'fix'.  If you are a homeowner, contractor or an insurance representative, ProDescs ® has something to offer.

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